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Sprayer solution

So, I was using the qt spray bottles to apply MPP and they worked great but...eventually I had to refill ( I have 4 pups and lots of stains) and my hand got tired and I hated spilling the precious MPP. So...

I was in Walmart and they had a special on 1 gallon wand sprayers and I got the idea to get one for using MPP. I did. I had just ordered two gallons and I poured one gallon into the new sprayer and went to work. 

O went to work. I delighted! Faster spraying, very comfortable, no need to refill as much...I felt like a professional MPP tech!

So, try using a pump sprayer in your favorite size. You will love it!

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Great idea!

I'm wondering if I could fill my Jet Spray with MMP .....  my son googled how to take the cap off the empty container & reuse it rather than having to continue to have to purchase new full bottles.

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