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Sprayed Saturday, on Monday my house smelled like death

Question. I sprayed on Saturday and everything was fine. On Monday when I can home from lunch I thought there was a dead animal in my house. Can it take 2 days to kick in? I mean after I aired house out l, no pee smell.

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Under a black light there are so many stains in one area, that if I use 20 sprays in each one I will need like a hundred of this bottles and if you need to use it 3 or 4 times in each one it would be worse. I think the product will work well on new stains but I haven't try it yet for that purpose...I just wanted to have a deep carpet cleaning with this product but it will take forever and tons of money...

My fingers are all covered in white residue after cleaning carpet this toxic to skin??? I cant get it off
I keep trying to post . I have white residue and over my fingers and I cant get it out. Is it toxic to skin?
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